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Jennings Quick Reference FAQs

How do I qualify to live at Jennings Apartments?
Apartment are available to students who are married with or without children, single parents with legal custody of their child(ren), domestic partners, veterans and students 21 years and older.
How do I apply to live at Jennings Apartments?
The application must be completed online.
Is there an application fee or required deposit?
There is a $25 non-refundable application fee that must be paid using a credit or debit card. Pending acceptance and an apartment offer, there is a $300 pre-payment that secures your apartment. This $300 pre-payment is taken off of your first month’s rent and unlike a deposit, it is not returned after move out. 

Are the apartments furnished?
They are not.

Are pets allowed?
Only fish are allowed as pets. The only exception is service animals, for which permission must be granted through Student Disabilities Services at UNI

How much does it cost to live in Jennings Apartments?
The rates for Jennings Apartments can be found at, and include the following amenities: utilities (air conditioning, heat, electric, gas, water), laundry service, cable television service & internet service, major kitchen appliances (stove and fridge), maintenance staff on-call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
How will I know when I’ve been assigned an apartment?
Apartment offers are made via email using the email address the applicant lists on the application.
Will I be assigned a roommate?
No. At Jennings Apartments, we do not assign roommates. If you are interested in finding a roommate or becoming a roommate, you can go online to Roommates must also qualify to live at Jennings Apartments. (See qualifications above.)
Can I request a specific apartment?
You can submit your preferences for the style of apartment in your contract but we do not take specific requests or guarantee your preference.

Can I tour the apartments?
Yes! Call our office at 319-273-7051 to set up an appointment to tour our apartments. Our summer hours are Monday – Friday 10am-5pm. During the academic year, we are open 8am-5pm.

Can I stay over the summer?
Yes, if you have re-contracted with us for the next academic year. The lease for Jennings apartments is a 10-month lease (August through May). If you are currently living in Jennings apartments and wish to stay in your apartment through the summer ONLY, then you must apply for an extension, which may or may not be approved. As stated in the lease, you should not expect to stay past May 31st, regardless of your academic course of study.
When can I move in?
As soon as your apartment is ready, we will contact you via email. Then you must call the office and set up an appointment to sign your contract and receive your keys. 

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