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Department of Residence has key role in exceptional retention rate at UNI

Department of Residence has key role in exceptional retention rate at UNI

UNI President Bill Ruud today announced fall enrollment surpassed projections and retention is up.  In fact retention is at the highest level since 2007 and, at 82.9 percent, retention at UNI is significantly higher than the national average of 71.7 percent.  Department of Residence has a key role in retention.  Students who live on campus for at least two years are much more likely to graduate, according to Glenn Gray, Executive Director of Residence and Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs. "Many of our alumni attribute career and personal achievements to the skills they learned and practiced while living on campus at UNI," he said. "These are important developmental years and students who surround themselves with good models for friendship, scholarship and leadership have advantages during the college years and beyond.

President Ruud's message:

I am pleased to share with you the news release announcing UNI's enrollment numbers for this academic year. The headcount total of students is greater than expected, especially of new students, and we are grateful for all the efforts completed by faculty, staff and students to help recruit and retain our students. I would also like to give special thanks to the staff in the Office of Admissions for their dedication to our recruitment effort. I look forward to engaging more with the entire UNI family in our future recruitment and retention efforts.

University of Northern Iowa 2013 fall enrollment exceeds expectations by more than 350
The University of Northern Iowa today released its official enrollment figures for fall 2013. Enrollment numbers are determined on students enrolled through the end of the 10th day of classes. UNI's total fall enrollment is 12,159. This exceeds UNI's budgeted enrollment projection by 359. Officials also report that new student enrollment is up more than 3 percent from last year.
Highlights of the enrollment report include:

  • An increase of 3.3 percent in new student enrollment.
  • An increase of 1.1 percent in new students direct from high school.
  • An increase of 20.8 percent in new graduate student enrollment.
  • An increase of 11.4 percent in new international student enrollment.
  • Total minority enrollment held steady at 8.1 percent.

In addition, the university reported improvement in its student retention rate. The rate of students returning for a second year is 82.9 percent, which is an increase of 1.3 percent from the previous year. This compares to a national average of 71.7 percent for similar institutions. This year's retention rate is the highest it's been since 2007.

It's very encouraging that our fall 2013 enrollment numbers are well above our original budget projections. As always, enrollment at UNI is a priority, but even more so is our commitment to our students and their educational experience. Our focus continues to be on providing the best undergraduate education in the state of Iowa.

We're also pleased to see that our efforts to improve retention are paying off. UNI students continue to graduate sooner and with less debt; we had nearly an eight percent drop in student indebtedness during the 2012-13 academic year. We're looking forward to growing strategically over the next several years and meeting prospective students and their families at our Panther Open Houses this fall.

Purple for life!
Bill Ruud