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Dining services and healthy recipes promoted at Wellness Fair

Dining services and healthy recipes promoted at Wellness Fair

Dining staff members involved more than 200 UNI employees in the dining exhibit at the campus wellness fair.  New recipes (see below) were taste-tested and nutrition information was distributed.

“Dining topics are relevant in nearly all wellness conversations because of the relationship of nutrition choices and health,” said Lisa Krausman, a registered dietitian in the Department of Residence Dining Services.  “There is no need to compromise flavor when preparing healthy choices,” she said. Lisa and Carol Fletcher, assistant director of residence, dining services, hosted the wellness fair exhibit that featured UNI dining services.

“The peanut butter machine attracted a lot of attention and that made it easy to begin conversations about wellness and options in UNI dining centers,” said Carol.  “We consider our role in dining services as a parallel educational experience to UNI students’ academic experience.  New foods, international flavors and local foods give students many, many chances to expand their knowledge of food and all its cultural layers,” she added.

In addition to preparing a global menu for International Week in November, students gain nutrition saavy while they diversify their pallet through a variety of events.  Special recipes are often presented when visiting dignitaries draws attention to a food style or cuisine,  when seasonal  or cultural celebrations bring obvious opportunities for new foods, and when student employees organize dining events with circus, picnic, state fair, super hero and other themes.

Using all of these opportunities to add to students’ knowledge and enjoyment of dining choices is at the center of UNI dining services mission.  “Both good and poor choices require repetition to become habits,“  Carol said. “We’re dedicated to supporting good habits by providing lots of good choices and information.”

Recipes presented at the 2012 Employee Wellness Fair