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Easy Access enrollment continues through spring semester

Easy Access enrollment continues through spring semester

A new level of convenient access to dining centers is available in  Piazza at Redeker Center and Rialto at Towers Center.  Students who sign up for Easy Access, a touchpad access system, will be able to enter Piazza and Rialto dining centers without presenting their ID card.  Enrollment continues through spring semester:

  • Piazza: weekdays, 8:30 - 3 p.m., at Piazza office
  • Rialto: any time the Rialto is open -- contact a manager. 

Frequently asked questions include:

Will finger images be stored?
No.  The images are not stored.  The unique identifier cannot be used to
re-create a finger image.

Can I leave my ID card at my room?
It is a good idea to have your ID card with you, but you will not need it if you are using touchpad access.

Is EasyAccess optional?
Yes. This system already active at Rialto.  It is offered as a service upgrade
because it is more secure and convenient.

Will the EasyAccess touchpad take less time than a card swipe?
Yes! The touchpad will take less time.  A separate EasyAccess line will also make it faster to use EasyAccess.

How do I enroll in EasyAccess?
ID card numbers are imported into the EasyAccess database.
A unique identifer is generated from the finger image.