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New Fall 2013: Social experience is the focus of non-academic Living Learning Communities

New Fall 2013: Social experience is the focus of non-academic Living Learning Communities

University of Northern Iowa is more than doubling the number of non-academic Living Learning Communities available to incoming freshmen and transfer students who are now submitting their housing and dining contracts. Springboard (freshmen only) and upperclass (sophomores, juniors and seniors) learning communities are being expanded for fall 2013. Learning communities for wellness, transfer students and second-year students are being added to current options.  Students in these communities benefit from programming that is specific to their area of interest or age.

Second Year Experience Community (Hagemann Hall): The goal of this learning community is to assist second-year students as they transition into the next phase of their college experience while familiarizing students with leadership opportunities across campus. This community aims to address second-year students’ needs as they make choices about academics, careers and their personal lives.

Transfer Learning Community (Shull Hall):  The transfer student learning community provides an excellent opportunity for new transfer students to the university to live in a supportive environment, learn from one another and collaborate in their studies.

Upperclass Learning Community (ROTH, Panther Village, and Shull Hall): Upperclass learning communities provide an opportunity for non-first-year students to interact with other upperclass students, live in a supportive environment and collaborate in their studies.

Springboard Learning Community (Bender, Campbell, Dancer, Hagemann, Lawther, and Noehren Halls):  Springboard communities house only first-year students. Springboard houses help enhance entering students’ transition to UNI while creating a peer reference group, academic experience, and enhancing students’ academic and social success. 

In addition to Living Learning Communities where programming will provide focused support, students have additional community options where they can live with students who share their interests.  

Wellness Community (Bender Hall):  Students in this new learning community will be exposed to the process of becoming aware of, taking responsibility for, and making choices that contribute to their personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of the community.

Substance Free Community (Bender, Campbell, Dancer and Rider Halls):  Four residence halls include one or more houses that are Substance Free living communities.  Members of the house agree that use of alcohol (at any age) will not be part of the house lifestyle.  UNI is a smoke-free campus. 

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