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Request for Extension

Hillside-Jennings Apartments Request for Extension

Complete the form below if you have extenuating circumstances in which would require you to remain in your apartment past your original contract date of May 31. Read through the descriptions and select the option which best fits your situation. If you select "Other," you will be expected to provide a description. Failure to provide any stated required documentation will result in your needing to vacate your apartment no later than 11:59 p.m. on May 31. 

Public School Extension   Tenants who have child(ren) residing in the apartment who are enrolled in the local school district, may request to extend their current contract beyond its end date of 11:59PM May 31 in order for their child(ren) to complete the academic school year.
If approved for this extension, tenants are required to vacate their current apartment 3 days after the last day of the current academic school year. Parents must provide a letter from their child’s school verifying enrollment.
Students Enrolled in Summer Courses   Residents who are enrolled in summer college courses will need to provide verification of enrollment. If approved for this extension, you are required to vacate your current apartment 3 days after your last summer course. Summer extensions cannot be granted beyond July 31 regardless of course enrollment.
OPT/APT   Tenants who are OPT/APT students with a contract ending in the summer (June/July) must be registered for the summer semester and provide verification of enrollment.
Section 8 Program Participants   Tenants who participate in the Section 8 program with a contract ending in the summer semester (June/ July) will need to contact the Hillside-Jennings Apartments office to provide verification. An appointment with the Area Coordinator may be necessary. 
Other   Tenants who may have additional extenuating circumstances that may warrant a contract extension will need to explain in detail (with supporting documentation) why they are requesting a summer (June/July) extension. *This is not common and is not guaranteed. A meeting with the Area Coordinator may be necessary.