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Residence Hall Association hosts TOMS event October 22 at Commons

Residence Hall Association hosts TOMS event October 22 at Commons

The UNI Residence Hall Association (RHA) first social justice and sustainability event exceeded every expectation for participation. 

The TOMS One for One shoes event included selling TOMS shoes for $25 per pair.  A pair of shoes was donated to a child in need for every pair of TOMS shoes sold. The social justice and sustainability committee had set an initial goal to sell 100 pairs of shoes.  However, the promotion attracted sales of 488 pairs of shoes.

Shoes that were ordered can be picked up on Monday, October 22, 2:30 – 5:30 p.m., at Commons Ballroom.  That upcoming part of the event includes distribution of the shoes and an opportunity to decorate the shoes.

Students who provided leadership for this event include Tiffany Breadman, the RHA Vice president for Social Justice and Sustainability committee, and the committee.  However, the event could not have taken place with out the support of all of the RHA Student Leaders.  The RHA is advised by Chavel Alley, Campbell Residence Life Coordinator, Ashley Hartnett, Hagemann Residence Life Coordinator, Roxie Tucker, Lawther Residence Life Coordinator, and Melissa Huekels, the DOR’s Student Engagement Coordinator.

Upcoming RHA events include UNI Idol: So you think you can do things? RHA is also sponsoring the Know Truth, NO Slurs series. Planning a Little Siblings Weekend is also on the agenda for this academic year.

RHA is the liaison between the Department of Residence and those who are living in on-campus communities.  The membership promotes the lifestyle of living on campus while planning fun and educational programs.

If they have any comments or concerns contact RHA at