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Contract Completion Guide


1. Personal Information
2. All Gender Housing
3. Panther Picks
4. Residence Hall Assignment Priorities
5. Meal Plan Options
6. Disabilities, Special Health Needs and Special Requests
7. Contractual Responsibilities
8. Contract Changes


1. Personal Information

  • You will need your CatID to access the online contract. For questions regarding your CatID, contact the Computer Consulting Center at (319) 273-5555, or see CatID FAQ.
  • Once logged-in, carefully review your personal information and contact Admissions to correct any errors as necessary. You will also be asked to provide Missing Person Contact Information on your housing and dining contract.
  • Students who are under the age of 18 at the time of starting the contract will need to have their parent or guardian accept the terms and conditions and provide their electronic signature online in the contract.

2. All-Gender Housing

All-Gender Housing allows students the freedom to choose a roommate of another gender. You must opt-in within the contract in order to search for other students who are also interested all-gender housing and to see these inclusive spaces during room selection. Learn more on our All-Gender Housing page.

3. Panther Picks

You have the option to select a roommate (or be selected) via Panther Picks. Panther Picks is designed to assist you in finding a compatible roommate based on each other’s Panther Profile. It’s also necessary in order to designate a specific roommate of your choice. In order to request a roommate, both of you must have a contract started.
If you would like to use this feature for roommate selection, you must first complete your Panther Profile (returning students should update their profile). From there, you will need to include yourself in the Panther Picks Preference. To search for a roommate, you can either:

  • Browse Matching Roommates – this option provides you with a list of students who best match your Panther Profile. You can view profiles, communicate with potential roommates and request a roommate. An automatic acceptance process is used so there is no need for the second student to accept, but they can decline a request.
  • Search by Details – this option will allow you to add a specific roommate request. You will do so by entering their date of birth and full first and last name. The requested roommate does not need to do anything since the acceptance is automatic.

All information captured in your profile remains confidential and will not be shared with a third party. If you do not participate in Panther Picks, you may be assigned to a roommate through random selection.

4. Residence Hall Assignment Priorities

New students: you will be asked to select your top 4 choices of residence hall assignment priorities, though you are only required to choose one. This step is important for setting up academic Living Learning Communities, those who choose to not participate in room self-selection, or for those moving in mid-year. It is not a guarantee of halls. During room self-selection, students will see all halls they are eligible for, not just preferred halls.

5. Meal Plan Options

View our Meal Plans to determine which plans you are eligible for and of chose the one that best fits your needs.

4. Disabilities, Special Health Needs and Special Requests

We make every effort to accommodate reasonable housing requests related to disabilities and special health needs. Students wishing to request special accommodations in the residence halls should do so with advance notification by completing the Request for Services Form available through Student Disability Services. The student’s health care professional will need to complete the Evaluator Form.

Air Conditioners – An air conditioner is permitted when documented as a medical necessity by completing the forms mentioned above. The deadline to submit requests is May 1 for fall semester and December 15 for spring semester. Requests received after the deadline may not be accommodated based on room assignment, or room assignment may need to be changed as not all rooms and halls are set up to accommodate a unit. Requests will be reviewed and a written decision will be provided prior to hall opening. There is a yearly fee of $200 for the installation usage, and removal of an air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are not allowed.

All-Gender Housing – Please visit our All-Gender housing page for details.

7. Contractual Responsibilities

Once you have thoroughly read and completed the Housing & Dining Contract, you must agree to the Terms & Conditions specified in the contract. Please note that this contract is for the full academic year (fall and spring semester) unless:

  • You are a new resident spring semester.
  • You are a student in the Culture and Intensive English Program enrolled for only part of a semester.
  • You selected both academic year and summer, then it is a 12-month contract.

8. Contract Changes/Cancellations

If you wish to make any changes to your contract, you must do so by May 1 for fall semester or December 15 for spring semester by logging back in to your contract. Any changes that need to be made after those dates may need to wait until after classes start. Cancellations of contracts for students who are not currently living on campus must be submitted through our Intent to Cancel Contract form; students currently living on campus should go to their hall office to cancel.