Fresh Beginnings

Fresh Beginnings

@ Redeker Center
Fresh Beginnings

Any time, day or night, passersby can stop and take a peek through the large windows in the hall of Redeker Center and watch the activity as if they were getting their own personal tour through a prep kitchen. Fresh Beginnings opened in 2001 as our on-campus bakery and commissary producing fresh goods for distribution across campus to our dining centers and retail stores, as well as supporting our catered functions. Fresh Beginnings also produces our Cravings line of grab and go foods. Stop in to any of our retail stores on campus and you will see these packaged Cravings items – just look for the purple label!

Here’s how they slice and dice it each academic year:

  • Clean over 78,000 lbs of vegetables
  • Slice over 60,000 lbs of meat and cheese
  • Prepare over 27,000 sandwiches
  • Bakes over 25,000 dozen cookies
  • Makes from scratch over 32,000 pizza dough crusts
  • Bakes over 5,000 dozen deli buns

When available and in season, Fresh Beginnings supports local growers, including produce from the Panther Plot on campus. Fresh Beginnings also participates in composting hundreds of pounds of pre- and post-consumer waste, as well as providing food for the UNI Botanical Center animals.

Fresh Beginnings
Students can watch production through the windows. Cravings Grab & Go items can be found at retail stores throughout campus.
A view of the prep kitchen. Entrance to Fresh Beginnings from the receiving dock.


Cathy Moore - Bakery and Commissary Manager
Amy Maass - Assistant Manager


(319) 273-6993


205 Redeker Center
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0252