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At Wasabi, you're in charge of designing your entrees - you could eat here everyday and always end up with something different. Quesadillas are served fresh on Fridays. The highlight of this venue is the Mongolian grill. You choose your combination of vegetables, protein, and Asian-inspired sauce, then we grill your food while you watch. Add a side of rice or noodles, and you've got a hot, grilled lunch in under 5 minutes. Wasabi also features a salad bar, with more than 30 toppings and dressing choices. The wide variety of protein items, fresh vegetables and greens, and low fat options will help you create a delicious, healthy meal.

Dining Station Description
Maucker Union Food Court

The Food Court is a collection of al a carte stations in the Union sure to appease anyone!

Salad bar as well as design-your-own entree, cooked on a Mongolian Grill.

Wasabi Features