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DOR Staff Directory

Name Email Position
Central Office Staff
Name Email Position
Jill Chelesvig Catering General Manager
Kellie Clayton Clerk III, Residence Administration
Janet Despard Director of Dining Services
Erica Eischen Asst Director Residence Life
Carol Fletcher Asst Dir Residential Dining, Dining Services Administration
Mary Friedrich Secretary III, Dining Services Administration
Glenn Gray Asst VP & Executive Dir of Residence, Residence Administration
Shelly Hill Clerk III, Residence Administration
Britt Hudson Asst Director Residence Life
Annie Karr Asst Dir of Residence/Marketing, Conferences
Roxanne Klepper Secretary III, Residence Hall Program Administration
Lisa Krausman Administrative Dietician/Purchasing Mgr, Residence Administration
Kathryn Malm Clerk IV, Residence Facilities Administration
Karen Paulsen Asst Dir Residence/Financial Svcs, Residence Administration
David Peerman Director of Residence Facilities
Nick Rafanello Director of Residence Life
Jean Wiesley Asst Dir Residence/Administrative Svcs, Residence Administration
Cathy Wylam Technology Coordinator, Dining Services Administration
Dining Services Staff
Biscotti's Logo
Name Email Position
Rosie Lang Assistant Retail Manager
Piazza Logo
Name Email Position
Jeff Ager Assistant Manager
Shane Christensen Assistant Manager
Susan Devine Assistant Manager
Deb Kinsey Clerk
Scott Onken Assistant Manager
Michael Weiglein Manager
Rialto Logo
Name Email Position
Matt Copp Senior Assistant Manager
Sara Eberle Manager
Mitch McAlister Assistant Manager
Tiffanie Miller Clerk
Dorothy VanHelten Assistant Manager
Maucker Union Food Court
Name Email Position
Dawnell Johnson Assistant Retail Manager
Carolyn Young Retail Manager
23rd Street Market Logo
Name Email Position
Malia Harris Assistant Retail Manager
Chris Kenaga Retail Manager
Essentials Logo
Name Email Position
Shelley Pruess Assistant Retail Manager
Name Email Position
Camille Burkle Asst Catering Events Manager
LaSonya Ford Catering Events Manager
Angie Sadler Catering Manager
Name Email Position
Chris Kenaga Retail Manager
Name Email Position
Amy Maass Assistant Manager
Cathy Moore Bakery and Commissary Manager
Facilities & Maintenance Staff
Name Email Position
Madonna Austin Supervisor / Custodial Services
Diane Damon Supervisor / Custodial Services
Mike Kidd Custodial Manager
Name Email Position
David Fuller Facilities Manager
Housing Staff
Name Email Position