Glenn Gray

Assistant VP for Student Affairs & Executive Director of Residence

Glenn Gray, Assistant Vice President and Executive Director of Residence serving as program host at the Panther Hall Redeker Center Dedication Ceremony on October 9, 2013

In May 2013, UNI announced that Glenn Gray will lead the Department of Residence starting July 1, 2013. Prior to his appointment at UNI, Glenn served for 12 years as Director of Housing and Residence Life at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and, prior to that, for 15 years as Assistant Director with University Housing and Dining Services at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. 


More about the Assistant VP and Executive Director of Residence

Glenn moved into a residence hall as a freshman and has never moved out figuratively speaking. Throughout his 30-year career working on four university campuses he has remained passionate about and committed to the incredible impact that living on campus has on the personal development and academic success of college students. 
As Assistant VP and Executive Director of Residence, Glenn oversees the Department of Residence (DOR), including financial and human resources ($38M & 360 FTE), residence facilities (33% of institutional space valued at over $400M), dining services (10,000 transactions daily), and the residence life program that serves 32% of students enrolled at UNI (24/7/365). 
Glenn’s oversight of DOR is accomplished in collaboration with six directors who together comprise the seven-member DOR Senior Leadership Team. The Senior Leadership Team meets on a regular basis to chart vision and direction for the DOR enterprise, discuss strategic priorities and progress on key initiatives, and ensure that decisions made are carried out effectively and efficiently so as to fulfill the DOR’s mission.
In addition to overseeing DOR, Glenn also serves on a variety of UNI leadership groups:
  • University Council
  • University Facilities Planning Advisory Committee
  • University Policy Review Committee
  • University Threat Assessment Team (FEMA Certified)
  • Division of Student Affairs Leadership Council

Recent advances in the Department of Residence:

  1. Five exemplary directors have been appointed to serve on the DOR Senior Leadership Team: Karen Paulsen, Assistant Director of Residence for Finance (2013), Annie Karr, Assistant Director of Residence for Marketing and Conference Services (2014), Dave Peerman, Director of Residence Facilities (2015), Nick Rafanello, Director of Residence Life (2016), and Janet Paul, Director of Dining Services (2016). These five individuals, along with Glenn and Jean Wiesley, Assistant Director of Residence for Administration (2001), supervise and manage the DOR enterprise.
  2. Lawther Hall has been modernized into UNI’s first suite-style residence hall on campus (a $21M sophomore retention initiative). Reopening in 2017 the modernized residence hall now includes ADA access into the building, ID card door access into individual living quarters, an elevator, air conditioning, a fire suppression system, and single and suite-style rooms with private and semi-private restrooms.
  3. No longer suitable for student housing, Hillside Court Apartments (277 units) were decommissioned in 2018 saving significant costs associated with management, maintenance, grounds care, utilities and insurance.
  4. Roth Apartments have been converted to all single bedrooms in 2018 to provide the space and privacy desired by nontraditional, upper-division and graduate students.
  5. DOR has opened three new cafes across the UNI campus including Book Bistro in Rod Library (2014), Erbert & Gerbert's in Maucker Union (2016) and Schindigs in Schindler Education Center (2017).
  6. DOR was named #1 Best College Food in Iowa by in 2016 and 2018 based on meal plan costs and student reviews.
  7. A three-year plan is currently underway to renovate Noehren Hall, a 700-bed facility. Popular with first- and second-year students, renovation includes converting community bathrooms into private pod-style bathrooms, updating room finishes and furnishings, and installing electronic door access throughout the building.
  8. A consulting firm is currently working with DOR to develop a comprehensive Residence Master Plan (RMP). The focus of the RMP will include determining: a) the right mix of facility type, the right bed capacity and the optimal location of facilities on campus; b) which residence facilities have exceeded their functional life, whether they need to be replaced and if so with what; and c) specific housing needs of first-year, second-year and upper-division students.

Contact Glenn

Glenn may be reached by calling 319-273-2333, emailing, or visiting the Department of Residence located on the first floor of Redeker Center.