Apartment-Style Residence Halls

Panther Village, Roth Apartments

Rate includes:

  • Utilities (air-conditioning, electric, gas, water)
  • Laundry, cable tv & wireless internet
  • Furniture (e.g. loft, mattress, desk, chair, living room furnishings, kitchen appliances)
  • In-hall fitness studio
  • Secure ID card access & staff on-call, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • The full on-campus experience, including organized activities & events!
Room Type 4BR, 2BA
Apt Single
2BR, 1BA
Apt Single
Studio Apt
Per Semester $3,297 $3,626 $3,955  
Per Year $6,593 $7,251 $7,909  
Room Type 8BR, 4BA
Apt Single
2 or 3 BR, 1BA
​Apt Single
1BR, 1BA
Apt Single
Per Semester $2,722 $3,190 $3,748
Per Year $5,443 $6,379 $7,495

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Residence Hall rates are per person (with the exception of units at Jennings Court Apartments). Housing is reserved by the academic year, or by semester as permitted by the Department of Residence and are paid for by the semester. All housing remains open during break periods (Thanksgiving, winter and spring break). 12-month continuous housing is also available in select halls. Students living in the traditional and suite-style residence halls are required to add an all-access meal plan to their room rate. See meal plans for details and cost.