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Inclusive Housing

inclusive housing
The University of Northern Iowa Department of Residence offers inclusive housing options to students who self-identify as transgender or gender non-conforming, have other gender identity or expression considerations related to living in the residence halls, as well as students who identify as allies to the trans community. Please contact the LGBT* Student Services Coordinator for more information and support.

Who is inclusive housing intended for?
Inclusive housing options are intended to meet the needs of students who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming and may not feel comfortable living in the traditional gendered housing spaces. Students who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming are encouraged to pursue inclusive housing options. Students who identify as supportive allies to the transgender and gender non-conforming community are welcome to live in these spaces as roommates.

Where is inclusive housing offered?
We have several options across campus for students who are interested in pursuing inclusive housing. In addition to options in our traditional residence halls (please contact us regarding availability), upper division students can select to live in Lawther Hall, which offers suites with both private and semi-private bathrooms, as well as ROTH and Panther Village which both offer apartment-style living with private bathrooms in each unit.

How do I gain access to inclusive housing?
Students who are interested in living in one of our inclusive housing options can indicate their interest in Step #3 of the housing contract by selecting the box on the inclusive housing interest statement. The inclusive living options will then appear when students are browsing for rooms online, in addition to the rooms available for the binary gender associated with their profile. Students will only have access to viewing and contracting for these inclusive spaces if they select their interest in inclusive housing.

Students also have the option to work one on one with a staff member in the Department of Residence for individual requests pertaining to any of the residence halls or to request a single room.

What if I'm an ally?
Students who identify as cisgender allies to the transgender community and who would be comfortable living in an inclusive space are encouraged to follow the same steps above.

What should I do if I identify as transgender or gender non-conforming and am nervous about being assigned a roommate who may not be a safe and supportive ally?
We encourage students who have housing concerns related to gender identity or expression to review the options above to best decide what choice is right for them. Students who have not chosen a roommate in advance are especially encouraged to pursue the inclusive housing options, which are reserved for those who indicate an interest in inclusive spaces. If you have additional concerns about a roommate or community situation, please contact the LGBT* Student Services Coordinator for more information and support.

Do I have to come out as transgender or gender non-conforming to live in an inclusive space?
No. Our inclusive housing options are intended for students who have housing concerns related to gender identity and/or expression, but do not require disclosure of any identity. Students living in inclusive housing can choose what they are comfortable disclosing about themselves with staff, roommates, other residents in the community, or family members. We encourage students to seek support related to their identities from the LGBT* Center or from their Resident Assistant (RA).

What if my housing needs change?
We recognize and respect that identities and experiences can be fluid. If you find that your on-campus housing needs change in relation to your gender identity or expression, we encourage you to communicate with your hall's Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) to review options and seek support from the LGBT* Center. If you have an immediate concern with your housing situation, please contact your RLC.

Contact Information
Emily Harsch
LGBT* Student Services Coordinator
LGBT* Center
(319) 273-5428