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Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities are organized around a shared academic major or shared classification. No matter which community you select, you'll be surrounded by other students who share your interests!


  • Strengthen the ethos of scholarship within residential environments
  • Strengthen residents' abilities and skills relating to faculty with an outcome of improved academic performance
  • Strengthen residents' engagement in campus life with an outcome of improved meaningful social connections
  • Strengthen residents' ability to manage their time, money, relationships, and health
All students living on campus at UNI get the additional advantages of living in a Living Learning Community.


Academic Living Learning Communities:

Business Learning Community (Noehren Hall)
The Princeton Review has recognized the College of Business Administration as a Best Business School for six consecutive years. Students living in this learning community can expect to find a focus on skill development in the areas of management, business administration, and entrepreneurship in an environment that focuses on exploring various majors, careers, and opportunities in the business world.
Education Learning Community (Campbell Hall)
UNI's College of Education (COE) is known for having some of the most innovative teacher education programs in the country. Students in this learning community can expect to see a focus on educational topics related to elementary and early childhood education.
Music Learning Community (Hagemann Hall)
The Music Living Learning Community’s philosophy is to promote an understanding of music as a universal language. The community will support students in their development of an appreciation of music in a culturally diverse world. Students living in this community will participate in activities to prepare them for productive lives as teachers, performers, composers, scholars, and citizens.
Honors Learning Community (Campbell Hall)
The Honors Living Learning Community strives to provide outstanding educational, social, and leadership opportunities outside of the classroom. Acceptance into the honors program is required.
Biology Learning Community (Hagemann Hall)
Our biology students are the next generation of scientists, researchers, health professionals, teachers and leaders. The Department of Biology has a unique program that offers students the opportunity to study a vast assortment of subjects: prairie plants and animals; ecology; biotechnology; the effects of herbicides and pesticides on human health; genetic diversity in various organisms; plant and animal morphology; animal and plant diseases; aquatic toxicology and more. Students are mentored by award winning teaching faculty who are also nationally and internationally known for their scholarship.
Exploring Learning Community (Bender Hall)
Students who are exploring career and academic interests – even if already declared a major – are invited to be part of the Exploring Living Learning Community in Bender Hall. This community will connect students with others who are discovering their career and academic aspirations, promote the ideas of academic success and career readiness, as well as provide opportunities for engagement while at UNI.  The Exploring Living Learning Community will offer meaningful experiences for involvement, service, and programming as they become part of the UNI community, and link students to a wide network of resources – including fellow students, faculty, staff and alumni - to enhance personal and academic development.


Non-Academic Living Learning Communities:


Leadership Learning Community (Dancer Hall)
Students will take part in programs that will help to grow their leadership skills and enhance their academic and social performance. Seminars will be offered focused on guiding students to becoming highly effective leaders.
First-Year Experience Learning Community (Bender HallCampbell Hall, Dancer Hall, Hagemann HallNoehren Hall and Rider Hall)
First-Year Experience communities house only first-year students. These houses help enhance entering students’ transition to UNI while creating a peer reference group, academic experience, and enhancing students’ academic and social success.
Second & Third Year Experience Program (STEP) (Bender HallCampbell HallDancer HallHagemann HallLawther HallNoehren Hall, Panther VillageRider Hall, Roth Apartments, and Shull Hall)
The goal of this learning community is to assist second year students as they transition into the next phase of their college experience while familiarizing students with leadership opportunities across campus. This community aims to address second year students’ needs as they make choices about academics, careers, and their personal lives.
Transfer.png Transfer Learning Community (Shull Hall)
The transfer student learning community provides an excellent opportunity for new transfer students to the University to live in a supportive environment,  learn from one another, and collaborate in their studies.
Upperclass Learning Community (Lawther Hall​, Panther VillageRoth Apartments, and Shull Hall)
Upperclass learning communities provide an opportunity for non-first year students to interact with other upper division students, live in a supportive environment and collaborate in their studies.