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Make Move-In Go Smoothly:

  • Park in a lot near your residence hall; if you find a parking spot in a lot not valid for your permit or on the street, unload and move your vehicle as quickly as possible to a nearby valid parking lot to give others a chance to unload.
  • Bring your UNI ID – you will need this to check-in to your room. If you haven’t gotten your UNI ID yet, visit the Department of Residence office in Redeker Center to obtain one.
  • Bring the Emergency Contact Information Form to check-in.
  • Follow the signs in your hall to the check-in area, where you will receive important information along with your room keys and room condition report.
  • Members from our campus Move-In Crew will be on hand during designated days and times to assist with carrying your belongings from your vehicle to your new room on campus.