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Individual residence halls will be hosting meetings to talk about what students need to do to have a smooth move-out. Students who cannot make the closing meeting must contact their RA to get the information, as all students are responsible for material discussed at the meeting, regardless of their attendance.

FALL: All students not returning or enrolled in spring semester need to be moved out of their room by 7:00pm the Saturday after finals.
SPRING: All students need to be moved out of their room by 7:00pm the Saturday after finals. Exceptions are for those students who have an approved request to stay late.


Intensified quiet hours begin at 11:59pm the Saturday before finals and end at 5:00pm on Thursday of finals week. The purpose of this is to allow students to study in a quiet environment. Students should keep their room door closed during this time and be respectful of the quiet hours if visiting another hall. Some halls may have reprieve hours or an earlier end time and will post those changes within the hall.


Students may request a late check-out for any of the circumstances listed below. A request to stay late form must be filled out with the hall office (see corresponding calendar for due date). Failure to complete this form will result in loss of access to the building and the student may be assessed an improper check-out fee.

Graduation (Commencement) - All graduating students who are walking in the commencement ceremony will be approved to stay through 9:00am the Sunday after finals. Students who aren’t graduating, but play a role in commencement (ie band, official university videography, etc) would also be approved to stay through 9:00am the Sunday after finals.

Hawkeye Community College or Allen College Students – Students who attend one of our partner schools may be on a different finals schedule than that of UNI. In addition to the request to stay late form, students will also be required to complete a finals form for their respective school. Both of these can be picked up at the hall office (see corresponding calendar for due date). For spring move-out, a temporary move may be required due to summer improvement projects and staffing. Students required to move will be notified upon their approval to stay in the halls.

International Students – Students who are traveling home to another country may be approved to stay after other students have moved out. Students will be required to provide their flight information on their Request to Stay Late form. Depending on the length of stay, students may be required to complete a Summer Housing Contract. A temporary move may be required due to summer improvement projects and staffing. Students required to move will be notified upon their approval to stay in the halls. Any students needing to stay past 7:00pm on Saturday may be charged for their extended stay.​

UNI Summer Housing – Students who live in Panther Village or Roth will move from their spring space to their summer space on Tuesday between the hours of 12:00pm and 6:00pm. All other students will move from their spring space to summer space on Thursday between the hours of 12:00pm and 6:00pm. Due to rooms needing to be cleaned, students will not be able to move into their summer assignment earlier than Tuesday.

Other – Students who need to need to stay late for any reason other than those listed above can still fill out the request to stay late form. The Residence Life Coordinator will review all requests and determine if an exception will be granted.

Please note that students with an approved late check-out should not have visitors in the building for any reason. The halls are considered CLOSED to students and the public.


What are intensified quiet hours?
Intensified quiet hours allow students a quiet environment to study for finals. It is recommended that room doors remain closed during this time. Intensified quiet hours begin at 11:59pm the Saturday before finals and end at 5:00pm on Thursday of finals week, although each hall may have its own varied schedule. Students visiting another hall are still responsible for knowing and abiding by that hall's intensified quiet hours.

What happens if I receive a violation during intensified quiet hours?
Residents involved in behavior that interferes with other residents' needs for quiet may be asked to leave the hall immediately and may be subject to University disciplinary proceedings.

What do I need to do to make sure my room is clean?
Remove belongings from the room. Empty and clean out the trash. Clean the room thoroughly (sweep and/or vacuum, dust), remove all sticky stuff/tape/poster putty and items attached to the ceiling and drawers, and wipe down the walls. Leave drawers open. All original furniture should be in the room. If you have a roommate, make sure to talk with them about who will clean what parts of your shared living space(s).

What do I do with the height of my bed?
All beds should be either at the lowest or highest level prior to checking out. Beds that are bunked need to be de-bunked. Adjusting the height of your bed often is loud, so plan to handle this part of move-out prior to or following intensified quiet hours.

Will I get charged for room damages?
Yes, but typically students who are charged for room damages are those who did not note damages on their Room Condition Report when they moved in or students who took furniture out of the room and did not put it back prior to checking out. Any charges will be charged to the student’s U-Bill.

Can I appeal any charges I receive?
All students can appeal charges. RAs do NOT assess charges, but rather document the condition of the room. A Residence Life Coordinator will go back through any room that is noted in a different condition than when the student moved in and determine if there should be a charge associated with the change in condition. Any charges will be on the student's U-Bill.

I lost my room key, what do I do?
A lost room key costs a minimum of $60 to replace. If you are unable to find it, let your RA or hall secretary know and it will be noted when you check-out and the charge assessed to your U-Bill.

What constitutes an improper check-out and corresponding fee?

  • Not checking-out (leaving key(s) in the room, with another person or in the hall office without completing the required check-out paperwork)
  • Not having the room cleaned or emptied when staff checks the space
  • Not signing the Express Check-Out contract
  • Not following the directions provided on the Express Check-Out contract

What do I do with personal belongings that I no longer wish to keep - can I just leave them in my room?
Students cannot leave items they no longer wish to keep in their room for hall staff to take care of; it is the student's responsibility to dispose of them. Dumpsters are positioned outside of each of the residence halls allowing students to easily and conveniently dispose of their unwanted items. If you leave items in your room, you may be charged for an improper checkout and/or additional cleaning fees. Non-furniture items left in rooms will be kept for 30 days and then donated and/or thrown away. Furniture will be disposed of or donated right away.

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