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On-campus utility package and other advantages featured in series of ads

On-campus utility package and other advantages featured in series of ads

The outside temperatures this month have illuminated another distinct advantage of living on campus.  In fact, Department of Residence staff have used that advantage to lead an advertising campaign reminding students of the many features of on-campus communities that cannot be duplicated off campus.

-30 windchill: Another great reason to live on campus.
This is Iowa. Winter comes again next year.  Utilities are included in the on-campus package.

Pat Beck, Assistant Director of Residence/Marketing, said themes were easy to select.  “Students who return to on-campus communities after living off campus, tell us what they missed when they lived off campus.  It was a simple process to feature those on-campus advantages in this ad series.”
Friendships, better grades, savings, dining access and the support of residence community staff are additional themes used in the campaign.

Lifelong friendships: Another great reason to live on campus.
You will meet more people on campus.

“Academic achievement is a key advantage on living on campus.  Students are more likely to take more credits, more likely to attend class and more likely to engage in campus activities that contribute to good grades,” Beck said.

Better grades: Another great reason to live on campus.
Grades measure learning. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who live on campus earn higher grades

“Living on campus is not cheap; but the value for the level of support is excellent,” Beck said. “The extreme cold this winter does not affect the comfort and cost for on-campus students because utilities are included.  Meal plans are also included in most communities so there are very few financial surprises and there are cost savings with various options.”

Save money: Another great reason to live on campus.
No surprises.

The open access to dining centers gives students the option to enter the dining centers for meals, snacks, studying and socializing as many times week as they want.  This leverages the dining center spaces for broader use throughout the day, reduces congestion at peak meal times and extends the students’ living space.  All access dining is also featured in the series of ads promoting living on campus.

All access dining: Another great reason to live on campus.
You can always come back for more.  Let us do the shopping, cooking and cleaning.

Students who moved off campus report missing being surrounded by their friends in the residence hall.  House activities organized by the Resident Assistant form the basis of the positive, supportive social culture within on-campus communities.  The RA – resident relationship is at the center of successful adjustment to college, so the RA relationship was featured in the ad series.

My RA: Another great reason to live on campus.
A friend, leaders, educator, entertainer, peace keeper.


The series of advertisements runs through February.