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Number of RA candidates exceeds expectations: Interviews begin February 3

Number of RA candidates exceeds expectations: Interviews begin February 3

Interviews for Resident Assistants begin February 3. Resident Assistants are sophomores, juniors and
seniors who provide leadership in residence hall communities. Residence hall floors are divided into
“houses” of 45-50 students. Houses include residents’ rooms plus a shared hallway, bathroom and

“The importance of the RA role is integral to students’ transition to campus,” said Nicholas Rafanello,
Assistant Director of Residence Life. “The RA is the first leader most students encounter on campus.
Relationships are formed on trust and become an important source of support for students living in
residence communities.”

RAs provide programming on topics such as time management, healthy relationships, study habits,
getting involved, wellness and much more. More than 1100 programs were presented fall semester.
“Programming supports the RA’s primary responsibility of supporting relationships and building a
community within each house,” said Rafanello.

“We know that students’ sense of belonging and students’ access to useful, relevant programming is
important to academic success and social integration throughout a students’ collegiate experience. The
RA is at the center of this learning experience.” he said.

That is why the RA selection process is so important. The 2013 RA marketing committee put together
a campaign that has attracted a record number of applicants for 2014-15 RA positions. More than 188
students applied for 45-50 openings. Interviews take place February 3 - 12. Each applicant gains the
experience of a rigorous interview process.

“The interview is just the beginning. Weeklong training for RAs precedes the fall move-in weekend.
Those candidates who are selected to be RAs will become highly skilled in safety procedures, conflict
resolution, academic resource referrals and community building,” said Rafanello.

“UNI has earned a reputation for exceptional housing communities so new students arrive with high
expectations for their on-campus experience,” he added. “Our goal is to exceed those expectations!”
The RA experience gives students a stronger tie to UNI and deeper friendships with their fellow RAs. It is
a favorite memory of UNI graduates and contributes to success in their career and personal lives.