2018-19 Meal Plan Contract

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars can be purchased separately via credit card or on-campus charge. Please select the corresponding button to make your purchase.

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Meal Plans

Select the meal plan that best meets your needs and schedule.
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Booster Packs

All meal plan holders have the option to customize their plan with additional Meals, Dining Dollars and Guest Passes by adding on a Booster Pack. (Please note, you must be purchasing or already have purchased a meal plan in order to add a Booster Pack.)
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Meal Plan contracts are for the academic year and are billed by the semester. Meal Plans can be changed before September 15 for fall semester and before February 1 for the spring semester. Meal Plans can be added or upgraded at any time; changes will be retroactive to the beginning of the term. For students who cancel their contract or add a contract during the semester, charges will be prorated by the week. Dining Dollars used beyond the value of the new Meal Plan will be billed. Meals included with these plans can be used at Rialto (Towers Center) and Piazza (Redeker Center). Guest passes allow a card holder to spend a meal on any guest. Card holder must be present when using meals for guests. Dining Dollars that come as part of a Meal Plan are distributed per semester and carry over from fall to spring semester. Dining Dollars are not refundable and will expire at the end of the academic year. Booster Packs are a one-time purchase that can be added at any time and do not auto-renew from fall to spring semester and expire at the end of the academic year.