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Before You Move - Spring

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information Sheet

Complete the Emergency Contact Information form. Bring this completed form to check in at your hall. The information you provide will be retained in the residence hall for emergencies. It is your responsibility to update the contact information if it changes.

UNI Alert System

Complete the contact information to be included in the UNI Alert System. The UNI Alert System notifies the campus community of emergencies and threats to physical safety in emergency situations: tornado, violence, hazardous material incident, cancelled classes, University closure, etc. Notification is by cell phone, landline phone, e-mail and text message. Please see this link for further information:

Renter's Insurance

The Department of Residence is not responsible for personal belongings in a room. We suggest you purchase renter's insurance, which is fairly inexpensive. Often, this can be purchased as a rider to a parent's homeowner policy.

Forwarding Address

Contact magazine or other periodical publishers about publications that you want sent to you at UNI, to let them know that your address should be changed to the address you get in your assignment letter. Do this about a month before move-in weekend.

Parking Permits

New residence hall students have the option of purchasing a C ($53.30 for the year) or an R ($30.60 for the year) permit. The purchase of a C permit does not guarantee the holder a space in C parking areas. Overflow parking for the residence halls is generally in the R parking areas. People with R permits are never allowed to park in C parking areas.

Parking permits (decals) for 2013-2014 should be purchased and displayed by the time classes begin. This can be done at the Department of Public Safety in Gilchrist Hall.

When you come to campus, make sure to park only in lots designated "C" or "R" if you have a "C" permit.

Apply Online for a Great Job

Earn money, get great employment experience, and overcome homesickness through contacts you'll make at work in UNI's Dining Services. More than 750 students work together, all over campus, helping to provide high quality dining services to more than 4,500 diners every day. These part-time jobs range from 6-40 hours a week; you determine the number of hours. Pay starts at $7.75 an hour. (If you haven't worked on campus before, you will need a document to establish identity, a driver's license or voter registration card, and a document to establish eligibility to work, either a social security card or birth certificate.) You can apply apply online on the Employment page.

Computer Labs

Whether or not you have a personal computer in your room, you will have access to computers in labs that are located near all residence halls. Click here for computer lab locations.

E-mail Account

You will access your email using your CatID. Please go to the following website for instructions on setting up and using your CatID-

ResNet Internet Access

ResNet is the Department of Residence's Internet access provider, which provides free Internet access to all on-campus residents. Each room has a wired network port for you to connect your computer to the Internet and has convenient wireless access available. To register, you will need supported hardware, software and login information.

Supported Hardware

A wired network card and network cable. If your computer does not have a network (Ethernet) card, you will need to purchase one online or in most electronics departments. You will also need a network cable (also called an Ethernet cable.) You may provide your own cable or purchase one in the Redeker Center or the Hillside-Jennings office. 20' purple cables cost $10 and 40' gold cables cost $15.

A wireless network card. ResNet's wireless requires the following standards:

  • 802.1x a/g/n wireless standards
  • WPA-Enterprise encryption with 802.1x authentication

Wireless devices that do not support the standards above (such as game consoles, printer, older e-readers, etc.) are not compatible with UNI's wireless network. A complete list of devices may be found on the ResNet website. Computers with older wireless cards may purchase USB wireless adapters that meet the above standards.

Supported Software

ResNet supports operating systems with all critical updates installed, such as:

  • Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP with Service Pack 3
  • Macintosh Computers OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7
  • Ubuntu 11.10 or 12.04

For Windows computers, updated and supported anti-virus software is also required. Free anti-virus software (such as Microsoft Security Essentials) can be found on Resnet's Helpful Links page.

Login Information

You will need to know your UNI Active Directory login to register for ResNet Internet access. This is the same login used in ITS computer labs and for UNI's wireless network. To log in for the first time, simply visit a UNI computer lab or kiosk and follow the instructions. After logging in, you will be able to register your personal device with your Active Directory account.


Is there anything I should do to my computer before coming to campus? Update your computer for security updates before coming to campus. Note: Please bring ALL discs that were shipped with your computer to campus in the event that they are needed, especially System or Operating System disks.

What if I have problems connecting? Please call the ResNet Helpdesk at 319-273-7768 or visit the ResNet website.