Housing Jobs

Job Title Desk Assistant
Job Description Primary responsibilities consist of being a receptionist and providing important information to residents and University requests.
Employment Period Academic year
Compensation Starting student salary $7.25/hour
Hiring Process Fill out application and interview late in spring semester (typically late March, April)
Contact Person Residence Life Coordinator of respective hall
Date of Notification Ongoing
Web Application No
Notes Preference is given to those students living in the residence hall system (preferably the hall in which they are applying for a position)

Job Title Resident Assistant
Job Description The Resident Assistant is a Department of Residence staff member whose responsibility is to serve as a student advisor to between 30 and 100 students in a University residence hall. As an advisor, the RA provides assistance to the individuals with personal, interpersonal and academic concerns, and is instrumental in assisting the house units to become cohesive living and learning groups.
Employment Period Academic year (begins approximately two weeks prior to classes in August; returns early in January; works throughout the Sunday after commencement in the fall & spring). Will need to be on call during academic break times.
Compensation All-Access Meal Plan
$1200 stipend (equal checks August-May)
Hiring Process Attend information session. Fill out application. Interview.
Contact Person Residence Life (319) 273-2333
Date of Notification Before spring break
Web Application Please see the RA Application
Notes Must have lived in a university residence hall setting for one semester. Minimum 2.25 GPA (semester and cumulative) required.